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香港供应链管理协会(英文名称:Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Association简称SCMA),是经过中华人民共和国香港特别行政区批准,根据香港法例第622章注册成立的具有独立法人资格的社会团体,是为了加强供应链领域的交流、管理,促进当代供应链管理行业健康、可持续发展而成立的专门机构。SCMA的职责在于推动供应链管理的发展与从业人员技能的提升,致力于为供应链从业者提供专业的认证服务。

Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Association Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), approved by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a social organization with the status of an independent legal person registered under Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong, for the purpose of strengthening the communication and management in the field of supply chain. A dedicated agency established to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the contemporary supply chain management industry. SCMA's responsibility is to promote the development of supply chain management and improve the skills of practitioners. Scma is committed to providing professional certification services for supply chain practitioners.


Set Up The Background


As a manufacturing power, China is becoming an important base of the global supply chain. More and more multinational enterprises take China as the first choice for supply chain development market. With the dramatic change of the global economic environment and the instability of the global supply chain security, the development direction of supply chain management has become increasingly complex, work difficulty increasing, market demand for talents of the supply chain also appeared a spurt of growth, at the same time the quality and ability of enterprises of supply chain management talents are put forward higher requirements. As a professional training and certification organization for supply chain personnel, Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Association has developed a set of supply chain management training system with international vision and local characteristics, combining theory and practice. Since its establishment, the certification work of the association has been continuously developed, but also has been recognized by many organizations and individuals. With the increasing employment requirements, more and more supply chain professionals have been certified by the Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Association.


The Main Duties And Responsibilities








· Responsibility to use a trusted system to exercise its responsibilities and disclose relevant information to ensure the authority and impartiality of the certification body;

· Review, inspect, re-evaluate and monitor the business activities of relevant business organizations;

· Participate in textbook research, business development and other activities related to the business organization, and supervise related activities;

· Examine the integrity, relevance, authenticity and validity of the evaluation data submitted by the business organization, reject the data that do not meet the conditions, and shall not issue relevant certificates;

· Certificates shall be issued in accordance with the certification business operation specifications;

· Responsible for suspending the certificate upon receipt of an application from the applicant or his representative;

· Revocation of the certificate in the event of material misrepresentation in the certificate, or the existence of a certification authority's certification system that seriously affects its reliability, or evidence of the death or disappearance or non-existence of the signer.